AHR Expo 2017

Thank you for visiting our booth at the AHR Expo 2017 in Las Vegas. We’re excited by all the interest our Smart Ventilation Management solutions have generated.

The Future of Building Health & Energy Efficiency

Ventacity’s ultra-efficient and intelligent commercial heat recovery ventilators, including the VS1000 RT, the larger capacity VS3000 RT and the ductless VS500 SQ, optimize ventilation for enhanced indoor air quality and energy efficiency. All of our units are available with the Smart Building Gateway and Smart Building Cloud Services option, which adds Smart Ventilation Management into the equation.

By harnessing the ability to remotely monitor, update and gain insights from the changes the Smart Ventilation system is already making, building owners, facility managers and service technicians can more easily do their jobs. With optimized energy efficiency for operating cost savings, improved indoor air quality for occupants and ease of installation and maintenance — Ventacity’s solutions are the future of ventilation.

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