Case Studies

The revolutionary power of Ventacity’s highly intelligent and ultra-efficient HRVs with optional Smart Ventilation Management integration increases commercial building health and energy efficiency.

Optimizing Energy Efficiency & Indoor Air Quality

Our HRVs have been used in many various applications across offices, public spaces,restaurants, schools, multifamily buildings and retails spaces. Ventacity’s systems work to continuously improve indoor air quality for occupants while improving energy efficiency and lowering operating costs for building owners and facility managers.

Law Firm Reduces HVAC EUI by 71%

Practicing financial and environmental stewardship while practicing law.

Historic Building -- Ventilation Overhaul

Energy conservation consultancy lowers EUI by 72%.

Government Office Cleans Air and Lowers Bill

Partial retrofit still reduces HVAC EUI by 22%

Electric Cooperative Reduces High C02

Rural cooperative invests in comfort and health.

Airport Improves IAQ and Reduces Energy

Airport reduces HVAC EUI by 81%.

Pizza Parlor Services The Best, Plus Fresh Air

College-town pizza restaurant reduces HVAC EUI by 54%.

Federal Government Campus Improves Ventilation

Dormitory lowers harmful CO2 levels.

Urban Flats Innovate With Energy & Design

Affordable, Net Zero energy Philadelphia urban living.