Highly Efficient Heat Recovery

in Intelligent Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

Save Money, Energy and the Planet

The Problem

Seven percent of the coal, oil and natural gas burned in the U.S. are used to heat, cool and ventilate commercial buildings. Sadly, nearly all commercial heating and cooling systems are combined with ventilation (HVAC), but these systems are inefficient, costly to maintain and contribute to much of the unclean air we breathe.

We think energy efficiency is of paramount importance. Carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels is a leading contributor to global warming and that’s not okay with us. At Ventacity Systems, we’re working toward a cleaner, more efficient solution to your heating and cooling needs.

What We Do

People need fresh, clean air. Not just outside, but inside where they live and work. Ventacity produces dedicated outdoor air systems with heat recovery (HRVs) – the most efficient way to keep a building, and the people in it, healthy and comfortable.

By separating ventilation and applying heat recovery technology along with heat pumps, HVAC energy use can be reduced by as much as 50%. If fully deployed, commercial heat recovery systems could reduce US carbon dioxide emissions by 220 million metric tons each year. That’s the same global warming impact as removing 19% (49 million) of US passenger cars from the road.

The Solution

Our flagship VS 1000 RT is an intelligent dedicated outdoor air system that combines ventilation with high efficiency heat recovery. Suitable for offices, schools, restaurants, multi-family and assembly spaces, it is ruggedly engineered for commercial rooftop application and provides up to 1000 cfm of fresh outside air indoors.

Blue Painted VS 1000 RT Intelligent, Dedicated Outdoor Air System


Fresh air when and where you live and work

Harmful elements diluted or exhausted

Moisture mitigation discourages mold growth


Quiet operation

Even temperatures without drafts

Fresh indoor environment


Reduces cooling load

Recovers up to 93% of exhaust heat

Efficient air movement

Extremely low fan energy

Prevents over ventilating

How We're Different

Unlike the traditional approach to heating, cooling and ventilating commercial buildings with a combined HVAC system, Ventacity Systems decouple ventilation from heating and cooling. Utilizing high performance heat exchangers and leading edge fan technology, our split ventilation+heating/air conditioning systems recover up to 33 times the energy used to run the system*.

Intelligent controls—when connected to carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity, VOC and occupancy sensors—optimize ventilation, providing just the right amount of fresh air when and where needed for maximum health and comfort.

*AHRI 62.1 Standard Test Conditions at 50% capacity


Contact us today for a complimentary building assessment and find out how we can help you save money as well as reduce the environmental impact of your energy system.