Smart Ventilation Management


At Ventacity Systems we believe that ventilation deserves more attention than it has received. That’s because managing ventilation is the key to achieving healthy, efficient buildings. The benefits include:

Decreased building energy usage – resulting in lower operating costs & smaller carbon footprint

Improved building health and occupant comfort—for productivity, satisfaction and building value

Ventilation all the time, whenever its needed —even when heating & cooling isn’t running

As buildings have become tighter and the connection between air quality and productivity is better understood, it has more important than ever to achieve both energy efficiency and building health.

Smart Ventilation™ Management is Ventacity’s complete integrated solution:

Smart Ventilation Management is the key to solving the problems that traditional HVAC systems cause. As an option in Ventacity’s heat recovery ventilators, the Smart Ventilation Management System can realize dramatic improvements in building efficiency and health.

  • Separate Ventilation and Heating/Cooling Systems
  • Ultra-Efficient Heat Recovery Ventilators
  • Intelligent Ventilation Control
  • Smart Analytics
  • Dashboard and Remote Optimization Tools


Buildings are now being built more tightly than ever. While this improves energy efficiency, it can cause many problems with poor indoor air quality. As more studies continue to show the effects of indoor air quality on everything from short- and long-term health to productivity, ventilation needs to be enhanced to improve building health.

Traditional systems combine HVAC into one unit, meaning that ventilation is always dependent upon heating or cooling—compromising building health and energy efficiency. Ventacity’s products enable HVAC engineers to design buildings that reduce energy use by 50% by separating ventilation from air conditioning and applying heat recovery technology (along with heat pumps) to a building.

Ventacity’s HRVs work to reduce CO2 levels and high concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air. Occupants experience improved health and comfort since the system consistently works to boost indoor air quality based on measured and forecasted circumstances.

Ventacity’s units are designed specifically for ventilation, completely separating it from heating and cooling. This ensures appropriate building health. By adding heat recovery at an incredibly high rate (up to 93%) Ventacity’s units also resolve the problem of energy efficiency.

If fully deployed, these systems could reduce U.S. carbon dioxide emissions
by 220 million metric tons each year all while
reducing building operating costs significantly for owners and managers.


By intelligently sensing building conditions, Smart Ventilation Management allows Ventacity’s ultra-efficient HRVs to bring in exactly the right amount of fresh air at just the right temperature.

Ventacity’s HRVs have built-in sensors connected to the Smart Building Gateway (SBG) that continuously monitor the air going into and out of the building. Combined with external sensors both within and outside the building, Ventacity HRVs adjust to numerous conditions to ensure building efficiency and health remains intact.

Ensure High Indoor Air Quality

A “Brain On Board” provides programmable response modes and scheduling. Ventacity’s HRVs can be set for timed based control or environmental response or both. In environmental response mode, the controller can sense occupancy, humidity, temperature, and pressure then continuously adjust ventilation for optimal health and comfort while minimizing energy use. Smart Sequencing determines which conditions will control air flow by time of day and day of the week.


Continuous learning based on trends, conditions and analysis

The optional Smart Building Gateway (SBG) and secure Smart Building Cloud Service, integrated with our intelligent HRVs, forms Ventacity’s Smart Ventilation™ Management System. This integrated hardware and software architecture is unmatched in the ventilation sector.

Ultra-efficient heat recovery ventilators with built-in intelligence sense conditions and control ventilation levels to ensure optimal building health and energy efficiency.

The Smart Building Gateway (SBG), a communication gateway that connects to a secure, private cloud network.

Data transferred through the SBG is encrypted for security. There is no connection to the public internet or a building’s IT network, so hacking the system itself or a facility’s entire IT network is nonviable.

Smart Building Cloud Services that allow remote monitoring and management of the ventilation system. The system records and learns from historical building conditions, recognizing patterns and making recommendations that establish, maintain and continuously improve the health and efficiency of the building.

Data is consolidated in the cloud with unlimited storage of historical data for trend analysis.

Historical and real-time data is available on any connected device within a user-friendly dashboard.

Email reports provide system performance, efficiency information and actionable maintenance and optimization recommendations.

Text messages from the system send high priority alerts that require immediate action.


Remote Ventilation Management

Building owners, facility managers and service technicians are now able to do even more including:

  • Monitor and manage energy consumption and indoor air quality
  • Control and diagnose multiple units remotely from any connected device
  • View and trend performance data to benchmark performance
  • Increase unit uptime, extend equipment life and reduce service costs with preventative maintenance notifications based on performance



Building owners and facility managers will appreciate how easy it is to keep occupants comfortable and productive while keeping energy costs under control with an intuitive real-time ventilation dashboard. The Smart Ventilation™ Management System:

  • Automatically registers unit energy consumption
  • Allows easy monitoring of multiple units
  • Validates air quality
  • Sends notifications and alarms for maintenance
  • Facilitates effective decision making by benchmarking unit performance and trending data over time


Service managers can benefit from the convenience of the Technician Dashboard to manage and diagnose their Ventacity HRVs. The Smart Ventilation™ Management System benefits service technicians because it:

  • Allows authorized users to adjust set points even when the technician is working remotely to provide enhanced service levels while reducing maintenance costs
  • Sends equipment maintenance notifications
  • Keeps a running history of all service performed on the unit


HVAC contractors can set up and provide their building owner clients with contractor-branded portal, reports and alerts as a value added service, strengthening their relationship.


Ventacity’s family of HRVs, ranging from maximum capacity ventilation rates of 500 cfm to 3000 cfm, provide energy efficiency for lowered operating costs, while optimizing healthy indoor air quality for occupants. Ventacity’s units make commercial buildings more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient.

With electronically commutated motors (ECMs) and backward curving fan blades, Ventacity’s HRVs reduce the power required for air movement while also reducing noise. The built-in economizer in Ventacity’s units also brings in outside air at the temperature you want.

Sensing a temperature differential between outside air and inside air, the HRVs direct the optimal portion of outdoor air through the heat exchanger core, while the rest goes directly into the building. This allows maximum use of cool outside air and reduces the cooling load of the building for further energy savings.


Ventacity’s Smart VMS establishes, maintains and continuously improves building health and efficiency. What do occupants, building owners and contractors gain through Smart Ventilation Management?


Improved IAQ for increased health and productivity


Higher efficiency for reduced operating costs


Increased ease of maintenance for better customer service


Contact us today for a complimentary building assessment and find out how we can help you save money as well as reduce the environmental impact of your energy system.