Ventacity Spreads the News at NAPHN16

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Ventacity team members headed to New York City for the North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) conference on June 13 and 14th. NAPHN is cooperative with a mission to support and promote the International Passive House standard through a strong network of builders, designers, distributors, engineers and others who embrace and further passive house building.

CEO, Sal D'Auria and Witta Ebel of Passive House Institute celebrate VS1000 RT's Passive House certification at NAPHN16.

CEO, Sal D’Auria and Witta Ebel of Passive House Institute celebrate VS1000 RT’s Passive House certification at NAPHN16.

This year’s conference brought together over 700 Passive House enthusiasts and professionals to hear a robust series of speakers, tour Passive House buildings in person, and share products, ideas, and methods in better building. Sales Managers Barry Stephens and Aubrey Gewehr, and CEO Sal D’Auria represented Ventacity at the event with a booth and presentation on Ventilation Performance. In addition to presenting on the benefits of heat recovery and decentralized HVAC, Ventacity unveiled its flagship HRV product, the VS1000 RT, which received its Passive House certification at the summit. It was definitely the right crowd to share the news with. One attendee, Tomas O’Leary of the Passive House Academy noted that “getting a Passive House certification is like the Oscars of the Building world.” We are proud of the accolade as well!

Sal, Barry and Aubrey agree that the highlight of the conference was connecting so many players across the Passive House community, such as O’Leary. “[There was a] broad spectrum of folks- from architects to spec us into new projects to distributors to work with,” Sal remarked. Collaboration across industry roles is crucial for HRV implementations as engineers, architects, product companies, government programs, and building owners all have role in transitioning the market from traditional RTUs to more efficient and healthier commercial HRVs.

The speaker series at the conference underscored the changing tides in nonresidential high-performance building. The largest Passive House building, the Cornell Tech Tower, was showcased as were many multi-family projects, and city-run initiatives to increase efficient building. As O’Leary mentioned, “we’ve been struggling to get larger machines for multi-family projects.” The VS1000 RT opens new opportunities for large-scale Passive House engineering just as the demand grows and driving forces promote passive design. Another speaker session detailed the policy incentives driving high performance construction in large cities like Vancouver and New York. With Barry and Aubrey on the East Coast, and our Headquarters in Portland, Ventacity is in a great place to contribute to these city-wide goals.

It was an exciting week, with a lot of excitement and buzz about the VS1000 RT. Sal, Aubrey, and Barry had a great time reconnecting with the Passive House community, and meeting many new faces. With the unveiling of the VS1000 RT as the first counterflow HRV to be Passive House, UL, and CSA certified in North America, we are fired up to make new and retrofit buildings healthier and energy efficient through high-performance ventilation.

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