VS500 SQ

Whisper Quiet Ventilation for Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

The VS500 SQ is a ductless HRV for decentralized applications. The VS500 SQ’s minimal noise level makes it a perfect choice for classrooms, offices and conference rooms. It optimizes for energy efficiency and healthy indoor air quality while offering ultra-quiet operation and no drafts.

Superior Energy Efficiency & Health

Ventacity’s VS500 SQ continuously works to enhance indoor air quality for occupants. By lowering levels of carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds with up to 500 cfm of fresh air, health and productivity increases.

In addition, the advanced ductless design uses a modest amount of power. The heat recovery efficiency of the VS500 SQ is up to 90%, far higher than other HRVs on the market.

Versatile Installation & Simple Maintenance

Since the VS500 SQ doesn’t require any ducts, its installation is simple and straightforward, allowing it to be placed virtually anywhere. It can supplement existing ventilation solutions in a building or be used as a standalone solution.


Intelligent Controls

The VS500 SQ includes a sophisticated controller that can be set to maintain positive, neutral or negative pressure within a building, helping to control the flow of air between the inside and outside and within the structure

The VS500 SQ’s intelligent controls can be connected to sensors throughout the room as well as outside to detect levels of CO2, VOCs, relative humidity and occupancy. The system then optimizes ventilation, providing just the right amount of fresh air when and where needed for maximum health and comfort.

Optimizing Health & Energy Efficiency

The controller can be programmed with sophisticated rules that can be scheduled by times of day and days of the week. Ventilation can, for example, be shut off completely after office hours or boosted when CO2 levels are high.

Smart Building Gateway Option for Smart Ventilation Management

The VS500 SQ can be integrated with the optional Smart Building Gateway with Smart Cloud Services for complete Smart Ventilation Management.

With the Smart Building Gateway and Smart Cloud Services, the VS500 SQ is capable of detecting current and future conditions to provide just the right amount of fresh air when and where it is needed for maximum health, comfort and energy efficiency. With Smart Ventilation Management, facility managers, building owners and service technicians can have full visibility and control over a building’s energy usage and indoor air quality through a remote dashboard, e-mail reports and maintenance alerts.

With its ability to establish, maintain and optimize ventilation based on current conditions and learned patterns and forecasts, the VS500 SQ makes achieving energy efficiency and indoor air quality simple for building owners, facility managers and service technicians.


VS500 SQ Key Features

  • Up to 500 cfm of fresh air
  • Up to 90% heat recovery efficiency
  • Optional Smart Building Gateway connectivity for Smart Ventilation Management and BACnet compatibility
  • Electric pre-heater and electric post-heater with an optional water post-heater
  • Air flow engineered for efficient mixing without drafts, ensuring no cold or hot spots
  • Modern controls with a touch screen display
  • Unique ductless ceiling mount minimizes installation time and cost

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Technical Data

Ventilation Flow – Max 539 cfm
Ventilation Flow – Typical 117 to 500 cfm
Ventilation Type Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)
Heat Exchanger Counterflow Aluminum Static Plate
Fan Type Backward Curved, Centrifugal, EC
Heat Recovery – Max 90%
Temperature Range 40° F to 104° F
Humidity – Inside Max 90% RH
Modes CAV, DCV
Noise – Max 40 dBA
Duct Connection None
Weight 280 lbs
Dimensions 84.3″ L x 17.9″ W x 44.0″ H
OA Filter (Actual Size) 18.9″ x 19.7″ x 3.8″ MERV13
RA Filter (Actual Size) 10.6″ x 16.7″ MERV8
External Finish Powder Coat Over Galvanized Steel
Power Supply 2.34 Kw
Voltage 240 VAC, 1Ф,  60Hz
FLA – Max 11.4 A, 1Ф
De-Ice Preheater 3.0 Kw
Fan Motor Type EC
Maximum Power – 1 Fan 170W (.25hp)
  • PIR Presence Sensor

  • Room CO2 Sensor

  • Room RH Sensor

  • VOC Sensor

  • Smart Building Gateway


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