The Ventacity Story


Ventacity Systems is a different kind of HVAC technology company. The company was conceived with the passion to make buildings healthier and more efficient using smart technologies.

We are a team that thinks differently and draws on our diverse expertise in various engineering disciplines. In addition to some HVAC industry veterans, we are a team with deep expertise in networking, cloud computing, controls theory, telecommunications, and data security. Many of our team members worked together for over a decade and have produced many successful products. Members of the team invented the original Home Phoneline Network Alliance standard (HPNA 1.0) and worked on several other standards such as IEEE 802.3 10BaseT and 100BaseT Ethernet, T1E1.4 ADSL & VDSL, Z39.50 a TCP/IP based communications protocol for database search and retrieval across a network, fiber-in-the-loop standards, and GR303 the standard for external devices to communicate with telco switches.

In 2014, Ventacity shipped its first intelligent heat recovery ventilation product. We monitored the environment in the buildings of our earliest customers and learned more about how ventilation interacts with heating and cooling equipment. We were happy to find that the buildings were consistently saving more than 60% on their energy usage—even better than we initially modeled. A smart ventilation system was key to that success.

After many successful ventilation installations, we observed some other important things. We found that small and mid-sized commercial buildings typically lacked building control systems due to high initial cost and difficulty in integrating with existing ventilation, heating/cooling, and other building systems.

We saw that small and medium commercial buildings were not taking advantage of some of the modern technology advancements in networking, communications, and cloud computing. After listening closely to the customers, we realized that a control system was vital but it had to be cost effective and, most importantly, easy to use.
Our team then focused on a new perspective to a real problem by bringing a disruptive technology to the HVAC marketplace. The Ventacity HVAC2 Smarter Building Platform™ is the latest solution based on that thinking.


Company Information

2828 SW Corbett Ave.
Portland, OR 97201