Ventacity Benefits Building Owners and Facility Managers


The Ventacity HVAC² Smarter Building Platform™ uses artificial intelligence to deliver real-time and historical information to building owners and facility managers, allowing them to gain deeper insights into actual building performance. Using this data, they can make thoughtful, proactive decisions to further improve building efficiency, health, and user comfort.


Key benefits for building owners and facility managers include:

  • Ability to monitor and control buildings in real time to identify problems in advance and take action to increase efficiencies.
  • Increased profits due to improved efficiency and lower maintenance costs.
  • Happier tenants due to improved health and comfort, lower energy costs, and faster incident response times.
  • Increased building value thanks to improved energy efficiency.
  • Ability to provide vital historical data to government regulators, building purchasers, or prospective tenants.
  • Ability to analyze best and worst performing buildings and take proactive action.


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HVAC² Smarter Building Platform™

The revolutionary Ventacity HVAC² Smarter Building Platform™ integrates and networks all HVAC equipment to optimize efficiency, health, and comfort for the entire building or a portfolio of buildings. Through auto-detection based commissioning, it delivers fault-proof “plug-and-play” technology, reducing installation time, complexity, and maintenance costs.

Customer Profile

Law Firm Reduces HVAC EUI By 71%

A law practice located above retail spaces in a 1909 historic warehouse completes a renovation by removing nine aging RTU’s and replacing them with just four Ventacity VS1000 RT’s and one VRF system. Watch to see the results.

Ventacity-Fujitsu Partnership

Ventacity has partnered with Fujitsu General America to deliver a new approach to energy efficient ventilation and HVAC solutions for commercial building projects.