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Plug and Play Installation

The SBC100 automatically discovers and creates dashboards for certified-compatible SBP equipment, which eliminates the costly labor of manual setup, commissioning, and programming.

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Easy to Use

Intuitive user interfaces provide quick
and easy navigation, featuring visualized equipment, drill-downs and
standardized icons.

mobile alerts

Get notified of problems within Zones or equipment with simple Green/Yellow/Red indicators of status. Set custom thresholds that fit your workflow.

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SBC 100

Ventacity Systems SBC 100
Modbus RTU Port
Power Supply
13½”(h) x 11⅓”(w )x7¼”(d)
34.3cm(h) x 28.7cm(w) x 18.3cm(d)
1 connection point for devices under control
100-240VAC/1 ph/50-60Hz
4G LTE, WiFi 802.11a/b/g, Bluetooth 4.0
2 Ports WAN/LAN
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No IT Hassles

No IP addresses, no port forwarding, no firewall configuration. Skip the IT department entirely and connect to the cloud through the built-in wireless 4G LTE connection.

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Dedicated wireless 4G LTE connection to the Internet assures customers that it’s impossible for an attacker to reach their internal IT network by way of the SBC100. VPN encryption wraps all communications from Building to Cloud in encryption.

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Diagnostic Capability

Capture deep diagnostic data from certified-compatible SBP equipment and see it visualized in system diagrams.

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Mobile Ready

Our solution is mobile ready. We feel it is a business imperative to be able to support teams that are on the run, so you can get critical data and information quickly and with ultimate ease, no matter where you are.

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