Smarter Building Platform monitors, manages and
optimizes buildings usage, operations, and performance.

The revolutionary Smarter Building Platform integrates and networks all HVAC equipment to optimize efficiency, health and comfort of the entire building or a portfolio of buildings. Through auto-detection and guided onscreen commissioning, it delivers flawless “plug-and-play” technology, reducing installation time, complexity, and maintenance costs. The Ventacity Smarter Building Platform brings smart technology to buildings by making sophisticated management and control fast, easy, and affordable.

The Ventacity Difference

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Purpose - Built
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Smarter Building Platform

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Smarter Building Cloud Services

The SBP securely connects building-level Edge Computing Supervisors (like SBC100) to the Ventacity Cloud, which stores/analyzes all building data, and delivers Desktop & Mobile Web Applications to end users, as well as Notifications via SMS/email.

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Users Gain Insights at All Levels

The SBP Web Applications provide insights at every management level: starting from a Portfolio overview of all buildings, and drilling down to the granular details of Equipment, Zones, Sensors and Occupants.

Smart Building Platform Certified

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The Smarter Building Platform is a network of certified partners that manufacture everything from HVAC equipment and Smart Building products, to environmental sensors, and wireless networking. The goal is to create a wide selection of certified products that offers seamless, plug-and-play integration based on broadly-accepted standards for security and reliability. This way users at all levels, from tenants and owners, to contractors and portfolio managers, can enjoy the unparalleled information and convenience of the Smarter Building Platform.

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Ventacity makes buildings more efficient and smart with remote, onscreen monitoring and operations
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