HVAC² Smarter Building Platform™

The revolutionary Ventacity HVAC2 Smarter Building Platform™ integrates and networks all HVAC equipment to optimize efficiency, health, and comfort for the entire building or a portfolio of buildings. Through auto-detection based commissioning, it delivers fault-proof “plug-and-play” technology, reducing installation time, complexity, and maintenance costs.

Ventacity-Fujitsu Partnership

Ventacity has partnered with Fujitsu General America to deliver a new approach to energy efficient ventilation and HVAC solutions for commercial building projects.

Customer Profile

Law Firm Reduces HVAC EUI By 71%

A law practice located above retail spaces in a 1909 historic warehouse completes a renovation by removing nine aging RTU’s and replacing them with just four Ventacity VS1000 RT’s and one VRF system. Watch to see the results.