— Vision

Technology creates new opportunities for building owners and operators to provide a better experience for occupants, and at lower costs.

But how do you make sense of all the systems, sensors and devices that need to align in order to reap the benefits of building technologies? How can building owners and managers move beyond the complexity of smart buildings to where the buildings solve their own problems – empowering owners to be smarter?

Imagine a world with intelligent, self-operating buildings. Environments where manual intervention is replaced by digital solutions that simplify building operations and proactively ensure the alignment of disparate systems and devices into a single coordinated outcome. Self-driving, autonomous cars are already taking advantage of technology to improve efficiency in terms of better traffic flow, less fuel consumption, and reduced human error. Can we apply the same innovation to the challenges facing building owners and operators and evolve away from today’s manual model of maintenance and smart buildings to predictive maintenance and autonomous buildings?

With Ventacity,
the answer is yes.

Autonomous building solutions leverage the power of auto-provisioning, auto-commissioning and closed loop systems to ensure buildings operate efficiently and effectively without the costly manual intervention of traditional approaches. Our software self-reports the functionality of systems and sensors and sorts them into meaningful outcomes by evaluating data, understanding functions, and determining how data fits into a broader pattern using the power of artificial intelligence and distributed networks.

Ventacity starts by addressing one of the greatest maintenance and energy challenges facing owners, operators and occupants – HVAC systems – via a proactive and predictive solution. But this is only the first in a series of solutions that will enable us to self-assemble building components to mitigate risk, maximize operational efficiency and optimize user comfort. By combining our deep understanding of complex environments, technology based on our advanced set of self-actualizing software, and a commitment to thinking big, we are making building autonomy a reality.