Announcing Ventacity’s New Smart Building Division: UBX Systems

Ventacity Systems launches the UBX Systems division and product line, an end-to-end smart building system, from all wireless building network to cloud-based unified application suite. With the launch we are expanding our vision of Making Buildings Healthy, Efficient, and Smarter.

UBX Systems provides a turnkey unified smart building system for managing energy usage, occupant comfort, and building operations. The all-wireless LoRaWAN-based system is easy to install and provides unified control and monitoring of your buildings assets, equipment, and sensors through our cloud-based application suite. The combined capabilities optimize energy usage, occupant comfort, and give building owners and facility managers secure and reliable control of their buildings assets.

UBX addresses the shortcomings of traditional facility management and building automation systems, streamlining your operations and enhancing your buildings efficiency even if you have already deployed a building automation system.

Learn more about the UBX solutions.

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